Burning Man 2012


O2  a symbol representing the two “Os” in Otic Oasis and 0 to the second power, which is neither positive nor negative, as well as nothing, or potentially everything. The concept of our collective networks of spheres multiplying, intertwining, spiraling and linking us all to infinity inspires us.

We are the O2 Crew and we seek natural connections in everything we do. From building transcendent structures made completely of interlocking wood with no nails or metal fasteners to finding the inherent bond between all beings, we connect the physical with the metaphysical without the use of artificial adhesives.

Our first large scale project is a new destination and refuge at Burning Man 2011 titled: “The OTIC OASIS,” also known as O2.  The time has come for a zone where we can close our eyes and actually see what we hear. This year, our installation intends to bring citizens an audio antidote to the cacophony of Black Rock City by providing an alternative of peace and quiet.  The O2 will be the first structure in a cordoned off wilderness area in BRC, deep in walk-in camping, where  no motorized vehicles are permitted and large scale sound systems don’t penetrate.  At last, a retreat where the aural options are in keeping with the indigenous stillness and aesthetics of the Black Rock desert.

o•tic [oh-tik,ot-ik] –adjective. Anatomy, of or pertaining to the ear

The O2 will be comprised of a 35-foot geometric cluster structure that provides shade, shelter and comfort for quiet and contemplation of our internal and external surroundings. It will be a crystalline, honeycomb structure of interwoven modules for individual, as well as group, use. Our construction will leave no “moop” (matter out of place) since it will be precut off playa and so on-playa we will mostly be assembling the various pieces, rather than leaving any traditional construction site detritus. The design will complement the Black Rock Desert backdrop and offer a manmade structure that takes inspiration from the rocks, mountains, caves, and plateaus found in nature. We are honored to have the opportunity to construct such an important piece of the Burning Man experience.

The O2 is not a theme camp or art installation but a civic installation benefiting the entire city.  It will not burn. If embraced by the community, the O2 is intended to be a perennial structure:  to return each year, to continue to provide shade and shelter to weary travelers who might require a bit of tranquility in order to recharge.

The O2 Crew is a diverse group of individuals whom all share the core belief that new ideas allow us to see the invisible connection between all things.  Our culture focuses on creativity, diversity and influencing change, and, with our collective skills, talent and experience, we aspire to make the invisible visible.