Burning Man 2012


Dear friends of the Otic Oasis. We are home from the desert and the amazing experience that was Burning Man 2011 – we did it!

We yearn to be back at Black Rock City building the Otic Oasis. Even hand hauling the construction materials for miles out to the build site in over 100 degree Fahrenheit temperatures all over again would bring us joy – seriously! We can’t even find the words to tell you how special this entire experience has been for the Connection Crew and how it would never have happened without all of your support. We are nothing without you!

Above are a series of GENIUS photographs from one of our documentarians, Roy Two Thousand – enjoy! More photos to be uploaded shortly and please send yours on to us to add to our collection. If you didn’t make it out to deep Walk-In camping or to the event this year, these photos are representative of the magic we added to the playa. The Otic Oasis was stunning and the beauty and complexity was best experienced in person – like most things in life. We look back on our experience in awe – thank you Gregg Fleishman! Gregg took this sunrise photo himself http://www.greggfleishman.com/ and the structure stands as a shimmering golden mirage taking on an otherworldly quality that none of us could have anticipated.